About Me

Diner waitress, gelateria barista, cocktail bartender, surf resort Maitre ‘D, craft beer barmaid, winery cellar door…  I’ve worked in hospitality for more than fifteen years and in nearly as many countries. I experimented with having a professional career as an urban planner, but I just couldn’t keep my mind off food…

zombie planner
Ready to facilitate a public meating

Whereas most things in my life have come and gone, I have been eating and drinking for as long as I can remember.  So I’m giving up legal documents and council meetings for wine tastings and dinner parties.  I’m traveling to farms and restaurants rather than office parks and community centres.  I’m trading my job security for fresh mangos and spontaneous champagne.

Diving in Banco Chinchorro with Amigos del Mar. Photo by Pedro Westendarp.

I’m currently part dive instructor and part winegeek – sometimes I teach scuba in the tropics and the rest of the time I’m working in hospitality and hanging out in vineyards. This blog is where I’m recording all that I learn about food and drinks around the world.