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Time Transfixed, Magritte

Magritte commented at length on this painting, emphasizing that his goal was to unveil or evoke “the mystery” of things “that seem familiar to us [out of error or habit].” Having decided on a locomotive as his subject, “the problem,” he explained, was “how to paint this image so that it would evoke mystery.” Magritte added, “The image of a locomotive is immediately familiar: its mystery is not perceived. In order for its mystery to be evoked, another immediately familiar image without mystery—the image of a dining room fireplace—was joined with the image of the locomotive.”1)http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/34181 

Taste Transfixed is a food blog with no recipes.  A mission to unveil the mysteries behind food and beverages and the associated people and places.  I want to know where it all comes from, how it’s grown and produced, and how we experience it.  This is only fitting from a woman who was named for a cheese and an ancient Greek philosopher…

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